Anthony F. Jahn, M.D.

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Dr. Jahn's 10 Tips for a Healthy Voice
Singers: Avoid The Common Cold

Questions and Answers:

On Smoking, Anti-Depressants, Allergies and Birth Control Pills.
On Extreme Weight Loss, Belting, and Allergy Control.


Mindful Practice: A Medical Perspective
That Morning Voice!
Your Sinuses: Their Care and Feeding
Alternative Medicine and the Singer
Libiamo! (Starbucks Edition)
A reader’s inquiry about caffeine’s effect on his vocal cords inspires Dr. Jahn to wax eloquent on the topic.
When Should I See a Doctor?
Whether for lack of insurance or dislike of the doctor’s office, many drag their feet before seeing a doctor, while others—often for psychological reasons—see a doctor at the slightest tickle in their throat. Dr. Jahn shares his tips for knowing when you really should see a doctor and when it’s OK to simply rest up at home.
Mind Control
“It’s all in the mind.” How powerful is this statement? Dr. Jahn tells us as he explains the mind-body connection and its particular importance for singers.