Anthony F. Jahn, M.D.


Journal Articles:

Decompensated labyrinthine weakness presenting as de novo peripheral vertigo: a discrete clinical entity?
The Journal of Laryngology & Otology, January 2018
Benign positional vertigo and endolymphatic hydrops: what is the connection?
The Journal of Laryngology & Otology, September 2017
Acupuncture for Intractable Oesophageal Spasm
Journal of Chinese Medicine, Number 109, October 2015
Abnormal Patient, Normal Test: The Otologist's Dilemma
Journal of Laryngology and Otology, November 2012
Medical Management of the Professional Singer - An Overview
Medical Problems in Performing Artists, March 2009
A Short History of Laryngoscopy
Log Phon Vocol 1996(21):181-185


Acupuncture in the Management of Head and Neck Pain: An Introduction
(Anthony F. Jahn, MD)

Diagnosis and Management of Head and Face Pain
pp 199-208. ©Springer International Publishing AG, part of Springer Nature 2018 199 J. Y. Suen, E. Petersen (eds.)

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Vocal Health for Singers: A Leading Voice Doctor Answers Over 100 Questions from Vocalists
(Anthony F. Jahn, MD)

This book gives answers to vocal health questions singers are really asking. There are 12 chapters covering colds & flus, medications, reflux, surgery -everything you need to take care of your voice.

'This book debunks the myths and misconceptions regarding proper care of the voice - and sets the record straight. A must-have for singers and actors at any level, beginner or professional.' - Ron Browning, International Voice Coach to the Stars

'Few doctors know the needs of a singers as well as Tony Jahn. He has helped and rescued known and unknown singers in times of medical trouble.' - Marco Franken MD, laryngologist, Consultant Royal Conservatory, The Hague Netherlands

'You'll learn a ton about proper water intake, mucus control and how to protect yourself against common ailments - and some of Dr. Jahnís answers may surprise you!' - Lisa Popeil, Top LA Vocal Coach, creator of Voiceworks®

'Rich with advice, facts and knowledge - important material for a long and healthy vocal career.' - Moshe Harell, MD, Otolaryngologist and Professional Voice specialist, Israel

'Great advice with simple solutions that will not sacrifice the voice in the long run. Keep this book in your gigbag!' - Jaime Vendera, vocal coach renowned for his wineglass-shattering voice

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The Singer's Guide to Complete Health
(Edited by Anthony F. Jahn, MD)

Anthony F. Jahn, MD, internationally acclaimed otolaryngologist and Director of Medical Services at the Metropolitan Opera in New York, offers a comprehensive guidebook on a wide range of health and disorders that affect the voice. A vital tool for singers, voice teachers, and choral directors, The Singer's Guide to Complete Health empowers vocal performers to take charge of their own minds and bodies, providing advice about a variety of health issues that affect professional well-being as well as remedies to the most important and common health problems that singers face in their careers.

A comprehensive blend of professional voice expertise and medical science, The Singer's Guide to Complete Health is an essential addition to bookshelves and medicine cabinets of both singers and those who care for them.

Dr. Jahn has invited a diverse group of health care specialists and music professionals to share their expertise and tips with singers and their teachers. The chapters cover a broad spectrum of topics, including not only vocal issues, but also general physical and psychological well-being, diet, and exercise, accompanied by easy-to-follow illustrations, diagrams and charts. Each chapter provides a clear explanation of an aspect of health of practical relevance to vocalists. The book enables singers to make informed decisions about their own health, and gives guidance on seeking appropriate professional help and self-remedies. It includes numerous suggestions on ways to prevent illness and maintain a healthy vocal lifestyle, not only with traditional methods such as diet, exercise, and Alexander technique, but also holistic approaches such as meditation, yoga, tai chi, acupuncture, and Chinese herbs.

The book has been acclaimed by Maestro James Levine: "This book is unique and long overdue! I read it cover to cover with great interest and feelings of relief. If you care about your voice or someone else's, it deserves a permanent spot on your bookshelf."

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Care of the Professional Voice: A Management Guide for Singers, Actors and Professional Voice Users
(D. Garfield Davies, MD, Anthony F. Jahn, MD)

This book is an introductory, practical guide to caring for the professional voice, whether it is used for public speaking, drama or any kind of singing. It is designed to be accessible to those who use, or train others to use their voices professionally and will be useful to clinicians caring for patients. It will enable readers to gain a good, general understanding of the conditions that affect vocal performance, types of diseases and their therapy. For students embarking on a career it will help them nurture and get the best out of their vocal skills.

'Anyone whose voice is their livelihood will welcome this succinct and user friendly book' - Sir Anthony Hopkins

'An extremely readable, interesting book, which has opened my eyes to the number of factors that affect one's voice. Lots of good, expert advice, very well worth knowing.' - Kiri Te Kanawa

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Physiology of the Ear
(Anthony F. Jahn, MD, Joseph Santos-Sacchi, PhD)

Recognized as the most readable of doctoral and medical texts on the neuroscience and physiology of audiology, this text has been updated in an information-packed second edition. Presenting articles by experts on the frontlines of clinical care and research, the book covers the history of the science and medicine of hearing through expectations for tomorrow's pragmatic care. Sound and bone conduction, signal processing, auditory stimulus coding, cochlear blood circulation and auditory brain mapping are covered. This second edition incorporates advances in the understanding of auditory and vestibular physiology occurring over the past 13 years.

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